I tried a Mac yesterday and it was not pleasant. I got confused, might have cried out loud once or twice and complained on twitter.

I was typing super slowly and peering over my glasses like this:

So I’ll be sticking o my virus-ridden but understandable operating system. I mean, I’m not in the market for a new computer right now but when I will be, I’m glad that my 15+ year aversion to Mac computers is still going strong.



Links I loved:

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Nancy (?) is going back to school!

B is back! She said that she was taking October off but she just loves us too much :)

Adrian guest posts at Budgets Are Sexy about what he thinks is wrong in the PF world. It’s an interesting perspective to say the least.

Daisy needs help adjusting her budget so that she can save $4000 by 2013.

Leo lists his reasons for not lending people money. I agree with most :)

Cents of a Country Girl is my hero. She was just like “Student debt? Nope”

Gillian writes about the unminimalism of Halloween. I have to agree considering that Halloween stuff is about half of all the decor things that I own


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