Stop Bitching: Grocery prices are not too high

I’m the first to admit that I eat out, a lot, regardless of the very low grocery prices in my area.

Grocery prices

This habit of eating out stems from when I was in Cegep and had 8am-6pm classes three times a week. I could bring my lunch but I would also need a second breakfast, afternoon snacks, a dinner and a snack for my two-hour commute home. It’s gotten to a point now, 7 years later, that I am sick of eating out and will carry bags of food to school/work with me. It’s cheaper and yummier and I don’t have to leave my desk to eat.

One of my pet peeves is people who complain about the price of food. Yes, grocery prices have gone up. Grocery prices always go up, year after year or else I could still get a dozen eggs for $0.29 and a pack of bacon for $0.69.

Grocery prices

Stead inflation is good and means that our economy is healthy. Also, we live in the developed world — food is not expensive. Sure, my province has price floors to “protect the farming industry” but really? $3.50 for a dozen eggs? $2.70 for 2L of milk? C’mon.

Grocery prices

Here are my groceries for the week (minus the empty bottle of wine which is not mine, de tout). I have Rice Krispies Squares (on sale), General Tao sauce, tomato sauce, real bagels, 10 pork chops, 1lb of ground pork and 2 steaks. Total: $26.16. Take off the bagels and my weekly groceries comes to a bit over $20. Granted I already have pasta, chicken and rice but I buy such large quantities on sale that it’s a once every two months kind of purchase.

How can I eat for so little?

  • I’m not picky (I can hear a certain blogger scoffing): My favourite thing to eat is sausage. As you can see, I have no sausages in my grocery order because damn, sausages are expensive! Instead, I have cheaper meats and, of those cheaper meats, I have the cheapest cuts.
  • Buy in bulk: If the price is $11/kg for a family pack and $16/kg for a smaller pack, I buy the family pack (*ahem* 10 pork chops…)
  • I like what I like and don’t try new things: I used to try new recipes all the time and then realized that I was spending more money than it’s worth. Instead of trying to replicate my favourite sandwich place’s secret sauce, I just go and buy a $4 sandwich.
  • I eat a lot of Greek salad: Tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese. It’s $0.50 a salad and my vegetable serving of the day
  • I’m practical with my food: Yes, I will eat those 10 pork chops this week because a) I love pork chops and b) I don’t get bored with my food. To me, food is a fuel, not an experience
  • I don’t mind doing a bit of work: Make my own spaghetti sauce? No problem. Buy two whole chickens, cook them, debone them? If it’ll cost me $5/chicken vs $16 for two chicken breast — no problem.

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