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Big news! Remember how I took a low-paying, entry-level job in an industry that I love and the blogosphere exploded with criticism because “omg, you have student loans!” and “omg, you’re so stupid!” and “omg, you went to university!”? It actually affected me and I started looking for better-paying jobs. Here’s the thing… a BA in Economics isn’t worth that much in the real world and I started to feel like shit because I have literally done everything “right” in life — I went to good schools, worked hard, saved my money, am not a hot mess — and I was being rewarded by…… nothing. It’s so frustrating to make less money than you know you’re worth but not be able to convince anyone to pay you more.

Once the dust from the holiday season settled, the boss pulled me aside one afternoon and offered me a promotion (and, obviously, a raise). Yay me! Although I still work in a low-paying industry, I’m much happier that I get to use my skills and brain a lot more than I did pre-promotion.

Income and expenses: January updates

I didn’t do a December update — partly because I didn’t want to overwhelm with both month and year end charts and partly because it’s a really, really ugly chart. The 0% aren’t $0 but rather, amounts so small that they barely register

December income: $6317.55
December expenses: $1545.78
Total savings: $4771.77

December & January updates

January income: $3190.32
January expenses: $1563.64
Total savings: $1626.68

December & January updates

My expenses feel high this month — Even though I cut out almost $200 in fixed expenses, I’ve been working a lot and ate out quite a bit. Also, I bought a plane ticket to a mystery location (to be revealed shortly)!

Exciting place I’ve traveled to this month

Nowhere. For the first time in over a year, I have spent an entire month in the city that I live in :/

Fun quote of the month

Guy: Hey, you work here eh? Are there any pubs around?
Me: Nope just the one and it’s not even supposed to be here *whisper* it snuck in illegally
Guy: *stares*
Me: You didn’t say puppy did you?
Guy: Nope. Pubs.

Fun picture of the month

Click here to see the Etsy listing of the best nail polish in the world. I would buy it if it wasn’t $10 a bottle + shipping. I like pretty things but I’m cheap ahead of everything:

December & January updates

And now, time for the links!

Link: December & January updatesSSS shares tips on how to declare income and expense as a Canadian bloggers. Reading this was sooo informative and I will definitely be using this info in March

NZ Muse wrote an awesome guide to Auckland. Need one for Montreal? I wrote one here

Joy gives examples of what $1300 rent buys at different parts of the States. I so want to live in New Mexico now.

Tahnya wrote about the effect of nature vs. nuture on money management

Janine wrote an interesting post talking about the tax implications of being common-law

While Greg’s (f)RotM is a guilty pleasure that I never thought that I would admit to enjoying, I’m so happy with the last paragraph that I need to link to it (as an aside, I’m writing this and the financial hero is sitting next to me making explosion noises on his phone). Also, Greg’s no-comment policy? Terrible.

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