Remember when I was hit by a car? Yeah… Since then, I’ve been seriously considering buying a car. I don’t make a lot of money and I’m terribly cheap but, there has to be a point in your life when you say “the money isn’t worth this hassle”.

Like Daisy did years ago, I ran a pro/con list of whether or not I should have a car:


  • I would save soooo much time getting to work — over 30 minutes, each day, in each direction. Using very basic math, this means that I can save about 6h of my life each week
  • Freedom! I would be able to go to the farmer’s market, the grocery store, Dollarama, the mall all without having to wait for the bus, transfer to the train, etc.
  • There are so. many. pedestrians hit by cars in Calgary. To be honest, I’m quite nervous at certain intersections, solely because drivers here don’t seem to understand that pedestrians have the right of way. Also, right-on-red? What is this — target practice for pedestrians?!
  • I wouldn’t have to wait for the bus. As an aside, if you’re going to run two different buses on a major throughway, maybe you shouldn’t have them run within two minutes of each other, twice an hour. Space ’em out a little bit Calgary Transit.


  • Buying a car would take up a significant portion of my net worth and eat into the capital gains that I enjoy. When I looked to find out more about car loan repayments, I cried silently to myself at the idea of adding $300+ to my monthly budget. I like saving over half my income each month.
  • I hate pumping gas
  • Insurance rates in Alberta are through the roof! I’ve had my license for 8 years, have a perfect driving record and I would still need to pay close to $100 a month? Ridiculous.
  • All of these points still apply
  • I don’t think that Calgary is going to be my long-term home and I hesitate to make a major financial purchase that I might not need in a year’s time

What’s a girl to do? On one hand, I really, really want a nice car — maybe not my dream car right now but definitely something with four wheels that goes VROOM — on the other hand, it’s so. terribly. expensive. I look at people in my workplace who have cars and am appalled that they can spend such a large portion of their income on depreciating assets… You make $9 as a server and have a brand new truck? WHAT.

As for car-sharing… *sigh* For privacy reasons, I can’t quite explain why Car2Go isn’t a possibility… Suffice to say, it would probably be more expensive than a car and more of a hassle than if I were to just continue taking the bus.

Any advice?


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