I’ve been looking into going back to Montreal for a couple of months now. My mom has been in and out of the hospital since September and I’ve been going crazy not knowing how she’s doing. One of the downsides of hotel work is that, unlike regular jobs, I don’t have pre-determined vacation weeks or weekends. This means that, if I want to take an 9 day trip somewhere, I need to book 9 days off (vs two weekends and five workdays). It sucks but, fortunately, I can chose to leave on any day of the week I want and that gives me a heck of a lot of leeway when buying airline tickets.


Typically, Canadian airlines don’t have sales. They might have “sales” where you can save 10-15% but generally, you’re still paying extremely high prices compared to US airlines. This article explains why much better than I could ever hope to.

So one night, I was sitting here, probably ignoring hockey or something else lame on TV when I saw that Air Canada was having a “sale”. I started looking at random dates in March and saw that prices were in the low 600s! When I flew in September, I think I paid $750 or something so, while $600 was still a lot, it was lower than I was expecting. I took a look a the offer expiration date and made a mental note to keep an eye on Westjet’s rates in the coming days.

The next day, I did a comparable search on Westjet’s site and saw that their rates were even lower. Be still my wanderlusting heart. I was about to buy a ticket when I remembered that Westjet often offers coupons and special promo codes. A loooong search later, I found a coupon for an additional 25% off, tweaked my dates to find the absolute cheapest combination of dates and times and pressed the big blue purchase button.

Total cost, round-trip after taxes? $407.32. Not only am I super excited to go home and visit my friends and family but I’m super pumped to have scored such a great deal!


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