Hey do you guys know why investing is awesome? This month was such an exceptionally good month that my net worth increased by an astounding 81% of my income. To quote a (homeless) man at McDonald’s, “the key is to buy low and sell high”

I don’t expect an increase this large in March but I’m just super stoked right now. At the rate that I’m saving money and without sacrificing anything or increasing my income (two things which I do not intend to do), I’m on track to increase my net worth by $25 000 this year — a feat which I am very proud of, especially since my day job is considered, by some, to be low-paying.

Income and expenses: February updates

Meh. February was kind of a lackluster month:

December income: $2386.10
December expenses: $1326.48
Total savings: $1059.62

February updates

This would have been the first time in years that my spending was under $1000 if I hadn’t have received a $350 ambulance bill in the mail. Thankfully though, I’m almost 100% sure that the bill will be the last of the trailing expenses from that accident in December. This month I’m going to try and cook more at home because I am actually getting terribly sick of fancy hotel food and some days I just want a big bowl of meaty spaghetti

Exciting place I’ve traveled to this month

Nowhere this month but in March I’m heading to good old Montreal to visit family/friends and tie up some loose ends

Fun quote of the month

A dog applied for a job with the foreign service. “You’ll have to show you’re bilingual,” said the interviewer. “Meow,” said the dog

Fun picture of the month

I laughed so, so hard:

February updates

Also, on the news on Saturday, the newscaster did a report on Beiber turning 20 and he sounded so, SO dejected. Poor man. About 5 minutes later he cut away to breaking news from the UN press conference on Russia preparing to invade Ukraine. Scary stuff, you guys.

Link time!

February updatesCommon Sense Millenial tells us why hipsters should be our financial role models. I don’t think that I’m trendy enough to be a hipster but I do like the minimalist, confident, be-yourself lifestyle that the group embodies

Charles insists that too many people use their emergency fund as a crutch: “How many times have you heard when I get out of debt and have a sufficient emergency fund I’ll begin to invest. How come the same people always seem to have a monthly emergency”, “If you have 18%+ interest rate on your credit card, you’re in an emergency” and the line about Greece are my favourite bits

As someone who has changed her financial views over the years, I quite enjoyed Erin’s post on how her POV has changed since joining the PF-world

I love reading about consumer habits and Pauline’s post about how the French approach debt was right up my alley

I’m not a fan of Pinterest but I do love Cassie’s blog and I’m irrationally excited about her wedding date (3.1415!?). Here she shares some of her wedding inspiration.

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