Last year, after having been abandoned in Croatia and freaking out because I literally had no plan for my life — I literally didn’t even know if I was going to return to Canada and, if I did, I had no idea which city I would live in.

One day, while contemplating a one day trip to some random city in Romania, I realized that I had to change something. I (somehow) found a stationery store and got to work on a 5 year plan to help me have some sort of focus in my life. I like to maintain some privacy in my life and so I didn’t share ALL of my goals (there are over 100) but let’s re-examine the ones that I was willing to share with the blog last year:

Section 4: Career goals

  • Manage a group of 50-100 people: Kind of… I supervise a team of 10 people but am not a manager yet :(
  • Work in a large company: Mid-size! On my way up!
  • Have a side-business of some sort: Does this blog count? Unfortunately this goal has been largely ignored this past year

Section 5: Financial goals

  • $80k income: Ah, no. I make like $0 right now but my income is steady increasing and I’ve just signed a new contract with a huge pay increase
  • Maxed out TFSA: Check!
  • Maxed out RRSP: After having contributed since I was 21, I’m still only about 20% of the way there :/ Stupid tuition and vacations! Next year, I swear!
  • Passive income stream: Nope :(
  • A nice apartment with big windows, a nice kitchen and a closet: I had a great apartment and terrible roommate when I first moved to Calgary and now I have a terrible apartment and a great roommate. You win some, you lose some.
  • $250k NW: Nope but I still have 4 more years!

Section 6: Relationship goals

  • Don’t be married: check!
  • Adhere to The Man List: The Man List is a guideline of sorts to stop me from entering doomed relationships. Thankfully, after dating a few guys since writing this last year, I’m happy that I found someone that is just about perfect
  • Still have penpals: Ah. No. Canada Post increased the price of stamps and I found that most of my penpals weren’t as dedicated to the whole penpal thing like I was. Oh well.

Section 8: Attitude goals (more subjective than S.M.A.R.T.)

  • Relax. Be less anxious: There are some days that I live my life so slowly that 2010 Vanessa would kill me. A leisurely breakfast? ARE YOU A ALDY OF LEISURE NOW!? Get to work! Other days I have to take a moment to remember to breathe because I’ve worked myself up so much about something as insignificant as not being able to find my favourite scarf. Work in progress!
  • Stop caring about what other people think of you/be more confident: Living out of a suitcase for three months and moving out of super-judgey Montreal did wonders for my self-confidence and now most days I can’t be bothered if I’m not 100% fashionable. Other days though…. Work in progress
  • Be. Less. Lazy.: I don’t know why I thought “relax” AND “be less lazy” were compatible goals. Alas, as I said above, I’m about 50/50 on this
  • Be more selfish: Woah, what? Yeah… I used to be that person who would give and give and give and then burn-out after working 60h, going out for breakfasts/coffee 5x a week, volunteering my time to anyone who asked etc. Now, if I don’t want to do something, I keep my time for me and don’t feel so guilty about saying no.

Section 9: Physical goals

  • Run a marathon: Sigh. Since being hit by a car in December, I’ve really cut down on my exercise (I walk almost nowhere in the city now and I terribly miss it). That lack of exercise plus the lingering nerve damage means that I’m farther from achieving this goal than ever :(
  • Cut out garbage food: 50/50. My current job means that I get to eat fancy hotel food every night plus, on my days off, I try to cook at home or only go to healthy restaurants. That being said, if I’m having a bad day, I totally don’t think twice about adding a donut to my order at Tim Hortons
  • Take up Krav Maga: The Krav Maga classes in Calgary are… right in the middle of my workday. Excuses? Nope — this can wait.
  • Not have diabetes: Check!
  • Visit all doctors at least once a year: What’s a doctor? I went to the dentist and that counts, right?

Section 10: Pleasure goals

I’m not even going to bother because every one of these is a colossal fail right now. Dog? Nope. 200 bowling average? Nope. Be good at Krav Maga? Nope.

All in, I think that I’m making great progress with my goals! There’s been some talk in the blogosphere about how goals are stupid but, while that may hold true for some people, I’m more confident in my life (and blowing interviewers away!) now that I have some direction in my life :)

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