Oh hiiiiiiiiiii middle of May! Nice to see you here all spring-like and wonderful. What? April’s update should have come two weeks ago? Unfortunately, I’ve been busy doing a whole bunch of stuff and training new people at work… in fact, if you follow me on twitter you’d notice that I’ve been on night shift this past few weeks and it is delightful — lower expenses, a bed all to myself when I get home, sleeping in until noon… Ahhhh, this is the life!

Oh, remember how I have a ratty old pair of shoes from like two-years ago and how I dress like I’m homeless to avoid trouble going home late at night? A homeless man offered to buy me new shoes. A. Homeless. Man.

Income and expenses

March income: $2986.72
March expenses: $2170.47
Total savings: $816.25

April net worth

I had to renew my hosting, pay some tuition, my Quebec taxes and spent approximately a million dollars on a secret adventure that’s coming up this summer. Being an adult is expensive :/

April Net worth update

This is a new section that will chronicle how much my net worth has increased since I set it ay “x” on March 31st. As of April 30, my net worth had increased to $(x+875.54). Seeing as my income-expenses this month was $816.25, a very little bit of my net worth increase (about $60) came from the stock market. I’ll take it!

April net worth

Few changes this month but new things to come in May, I promise! As you can see, even without an emergency fund, I still hold about 11% of my net worth in cash.

Exciting place I’ve traveled to this month

I went nowhere in April except for the park downtown where the homeless people hang out and work :( I did, however, meet up with Kayla (a former blogger) and her, Nelson and I had a nice dinner and talked securities and derivatives.

Fun picture of the month

April net worth

Apparently this is photoshopped BUT I DON’T CARE

Now on to the links!

April net worthOld New York crime scene photos superimposed on current photos. Quite neat.

Jessica writes about the cheapest things she’s ever done.

DQYDJ saved almost 30% of his income last year. But yeah, I’m crazy for saving more than 10% — it’s called not wasting your money on crap.

This website collects stories of American men on Vietnam Draft Lottery Day.

Robb “translated” bank slogans and I LOLed. You will too.

Esther writes about the time she realized that she was an expense to her parents

Guess how much a three-day stay in an American hospital can cost? No prize for the right answer but, yeah, it’s high.

Dear Debt talked about financial infidelity and I promptly told Le Monsieur that I would leave him if he ever spent all of his money on video games

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