I’ve been away from my blog for a little bit BUT there was a very good reason for it — despite being in an industry that I love and having been quickly promoted in my current job, I had grown bored and began job-hunting in March. There were a few roadblocks along the way but thankfully, finally, I can share this news with the internet (and cross something off my bucket list) — I have a new job. And it’s in Korea.

I Quit My Job

Officially, I’m going to be an English teacher but, before you get the idea that I’ll be chasing children around for little more than the minimum wage, I will, instead, be working with business people (economics degree, FTW!). I’ll be living in an industrial city, talking business all day long and dressing up in fancy office clothes. Seeing as this is a personal finance blog, let’s talk money (all figures in Canadian dollars)!

Salary: $35 000
Perks: Free flight to and from South Korea ($1600), free furnished apartment ($6000), two-weeks vacation, sick days, pension match ($1575)
Taxes: 3.3% income tax + 2.24% health insurance
Total compensation: $44 175 (but, if you factor in the MUCH lower taxes, $52 400 would be a more accurate picture of the pre-tax compensation — ~$42 000 net compensation)

So, after the 2am interviews and the notarizing of a thousand documents and email back and forth-ing and Korean language studying and fedex-ing and arguing with Canada Post… I’m all set to apply for my visa and then…. OFF TO KOREA IN JULY!

Also while interviewing etc., I started a new blog called 1 Adventure a Day. This blog will focus more on travel than on personal finance and I hope that my readers who are interested in that sort of thing will follow me over to hear about my adventures.

Obviously, the plan while I’m in Korea is to travel a lot. While frugal-Vanessa would LOVE to sit at home and save every dollar (Asia, as a whole, has never interested me, travel-wise), I don’t feel that that would be an effective use of my time (YOLO and what not) and so the next year will (hopefully) see me dashing to Japan and tropical islands in SE Asia for weekend mini-breaks.

As for Le Monsieur… There is a reason why we picked for me to work in Korea — it is one of the best countries for Canadians to visit for the long-term (6 months visa-free) and so, thankfully, he is able to spend many, many months with me, both in Korea and traveling throughout Asia.

And so regular posting resumes on this blog!

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