Happy birthday to me! I celebrated my birthday this past month and it was delightful and completely cry-less for the first time since I turned 20. Finally I’m starting to feel like my life is on track and that I’m not getting older without having accomplished anything. Go me!


Income and expenses

May income: $4405.24
May expenses: $1365.98
Total savings: $3039.26MayThe expenses of moving to Korea just keep. dragging. on. This month I had to mail some documents to the consulate in Vancouver ($30) Fedex documents halfway across the world ($81), get like, 100 passport pictures ($50). There WILL be an update once I’m in Korea about just how much everything has cost me. It’s not pretty :/

My household expenses are low because we’ve been eating out a lot. As most of you know, I work in a hotel and the food there is just 1000x better than anything that I can whip up at home and when I have days off, the Monsieur and I like to have a date in a nice restaurant. Since we’re moving soon, we’ve been using up gift cards that we got for Christmas and trying to empty our cupboards and, as a result, we’ve only spent about $70 in groceries!


Net worth update

This is a new section that will chronicle how much my net worth has increased since I set it as “x” on March 31st. As of May 31st, my net worth had increased to $(x+3813.17). My income-expenses rate was $3039.26 and my NW increase this month was only $2937.64 meaning that I effectively lost $102 in the stock market. Stupid Target :(

May NWAs promised last month, there have been a few changes to this NW section. I’ve been focusing this month on contributing to my RRSP in order to max it out as quickly as possible. Right now I’m only about 20% funded so I still have a long way to go! I’ve significantly dropped my cash reserves but they will be bolstered up this month with lots of overtime on my paycheques as well as in July when I’ll be receiving two paycheques!


Exciting place I’ve traveled to this month

Drumheller! I got ice cream cake and won at Monopoly and it was fantastic.


Fun picture of the month



Now on to the links!

I found Link!Jessica asks us why we’re normalizing debt instead of preventing it. As someone who’s tired of hearing success stories all over the news about people who paid off debt, I really, really liked this post. Congratulations, you reached zero which is exactly where you started at 16

Got a question about TFSAs? Marie Engen from Boomer & Echo writes a great summary of TFSAs and sets straight a bunch of misconceptions.

I like stats and I liked Friends so this interactive graph on who were the closest friends entertained me for minutes! I don’t agree 100% with the author’s methodology but it was more or less a good way to get his stats and, again, it’s quite entertaining to look at.

A cute way to learn the Korean alphabet in 15 minutes.

Young people learning English are partnering up with retirement homes to keep the elderly from getting too lonely. It’s admirable and a great idea!

Athena has the mindset as me — I’m not poor, I just don’t have the same spending priorities as you!

Cassie sold her house and now she has to live with a boy!

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