How much money have I earned in my lifetime?

I LOVED Jessica’s post “How Much Money I’ve Made After Working a Decade“! I wrote a more vague post awhile back on how I earned all of my money but I never thought to add up the numbers and examine how much money have I earned in my lifetime.

2005 (College)
My parents had a rule that I couldn’t work until I finished high school so, two days before the end of school, a newly-turned 17 year-old me got her first job. I was a terrible telemarketer but, that summer I earned a fabulous $2535 — about $850 a month. I was the biggest baller and brought my brother to the amusement park in August — all expenses paid. At the end of the summer when I only had $1500 left I panicked and resolved to track every penny that I spent to see where my money was going. Almost 10 years later and I’m still doing this.

2006 (Gap year)
I started working “part-time” at a downtown grocery store. I was paid $7.65/hr and worked maybe 30h/week. I saved 50% of every paycheque because I wanted to go to university in Ottawa in the fall. In May I made supervisor ($8.50/hr!) but, by September I realized that my savings were wholly inadequate to fund 4 years of university and dropped out to move back to Montreal. Thankfully I was able to get a job at that same grocery store as the person who buys old people their groceries. Total earned in 2006: $13 797

2007 (College)
I quit my grocery store job on Valentine’s Day for reasons that I absolutely cannot remember. In April I started at Garda, a cash-counting/security company in Quebec. I earned an AMAZING $11.73/hr. For some reason, I got a second job at Quizno’s and hated every second of the two weeks I worked there. I was working part-time but still saved 50% of every paycheque again and earned $13 394

2008 (College)
Still counting cash, still earning A LOT more than necessary (thanks unions!). I picked up a weekend job at a bed & breakfast which paid MAD MONEY in tips. In August I got a temporary contract with the government ($(9/hr) and hated every second of it. Total earned: $15 926 + tips

2009 (College)
Promotion? Not really… I started working full-time, became a cashier verifier and started earning like… $16/hr. Realized that, with overtime, I was making about what I would make when I finished my degree. Got terribly depressed and spent a lot of money. Total earned: $35 106

2010 (College/University)
The first 4 months of the year I was on an unpaid internship but still counting cash on the weekends. I started freelancing/working part-time for some side money and earned $24 638

2011 (University)
Still at my cash-counting job, still freelancing but, by this point, I had picked up my best job to date — filling the campus printers with paper. I was paid on a per printer basis so, for maybe an hour of work a day I was able to earn $150/week during the semester. Cha-ching! Total earned: $21 363

2012 (University)
Finally quit Garda in order to move to Winnipeg for the summer. Came back, continued filling paper and took a second job at McGill. Total earned: $17 628

I got laid-off from my student jobs at the end of 2012 when I graduated. I picked-up from freelance work and went to Europe until May. When I came back to Canada I moved to Calgary and worked in the notoriously low-paying tourism sector. This angered some blog readers for reasons that I’ll never understand. If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll notice that 2013 was the first year since 2010 that I was not working two jobs and the first year since 2007 that I didn’t have a job. Total earned for six months: $20 561

Oh my lovely 2014! I earned about $37 000 between my hotel job, my freelancing, my blog, my job in Korea, my overtime and my radio program. I barely had income for July but, no matter, this was still the highest year ever for income!


Grand total: $201 948

PRETTY GOOD for someone who took WAY too many vacation days in 2012/3 and spent 7 years in school! This averages out (easily) to $20 194/year or, if we remove the outlier that is 2005, to $22 157/year.

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