Don’t Waste Your Money On Swarovski

I thought I was the smartest girl.

When it came time to choose my engagement ring I only had two specifications: It had to be sparkly and it had to be emerald-cut.

At Costco in Korea, we saw this beauty, but at  $300,000 it was a bit out of our price range.

Engagement Ring

Once in Canada we started seriously looking for a ring. I fell in love with this ring from Tiffany but, seeing as I wasn’t going to spend $18,000 on a ring that I would likely not even wear after our wedding, I ended up getting this very sparkly ring from Swarovski.

Engagement Ring

I opened the box and slipped it on before reading the SEVEN THOUSAND instructions for Swarovski product care.

– Do not come into contact with water
– Do not come into contact with anything hot
– Do not expose to cold temperatures
– Do not bang it on anything
– Do not come into contact with creams or perfumes
– Do not wear to bed

Basically, wear your jewelry for pictures and then immediately return it to its little protective bag. Assuming that these instructions were just overkill, I proceeded to wear the ring constantly but still taking it off before I showered or went to bed.

One month later I marched straight back into Swarovski to ask what the actual hell was wrong with their products. Within one month, five of my crystals had fallen out. I was furious but the woman said that this was atypical and sent my ring out to Ontario to be repaired.

Last week we went back to get my ring and I asked the saleslady what I could do in the future to make sure my ring doesn’t get damaged again. Apparently, crystals falling out actually is a huge problem for Swarovski and is why they offer such a long warranty. The glue that hold the crystals in place doesn’t do well with extreme temperatures or water so even the airplane ride can damage the ring and a lot of their merchandise doesn’t even make it to the floor because the glue becomes so brittle while shipping.

I am appalled by this news. Swarovski is literally costume jewelry, I knew that. However, I would have thought that Swarovski’s name and reputation would have motivated them to find a better glue or to ensure that their products don’t fall apart within a month. Now that I’m more informed and realize that Swarovski’s pieces are little better than something I would buy in a gumball machine, I am pissed off at having spent $150 for something that I can only wear at social occasions.

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