30 Month Mortgage: Month 2 – Ridiculously Overbudget

Bill Budgeted Actual Comments
Electricity $100 $67.04
Natural gas $100 $71.02
Water $50 $38.51
Internet $68 $65.74 Increased to include Netflix
House insurance $55 $65.50 Decreased thanks to new policy
Car insurance $80 $92.00 Decreased thanks to new policy
Cell phone $35 $34.65
Spending money $200 $565.52 See below. Oh boy.
FinCon $550 $790.26 My FinCon roommate didn’t come and I had to pay a bit more for my room
Total $688 + $550 $999.99 + $790.26 Gas for the car + groceries are paid by Le Monsieur

I don’t know where my money went this month. I spent almost my entire budget on clothes in the first week of the month. While $500 seems like a lot of money, I’ve haven’t bought any clothing since my new gym clothes last Christmas. In fact, the last time I bought new clothes other than jeans was probably before I went to Korea. In 2014. $100 of that spending money was a Treat Yourself haircut + highlights + treatments. I love small town prices.

Every other category came under- or on-budget. The car insurance line is a bit wonky – just trust me that it’s on-budget. For more information, see my post on how I saved $455 on insurance in August.


I think I ended up enjoying the San Diego sunshine more than I did the conference itself. Sure, I learned a lot at the conference and met some new people but my goodness is southern California ever nice. At first I thought “San Diego kind of sucks, why do people spend so much money to live near an airport?” but then I realized that literally every outdoor activity I wanted to do was possible. Want to walk to the store? Don’t worry about wind or cold! Sit on a patio? Here’s some sunshine for your face! Every day was like a perfect summer day.

I ended up staying in San Diego for four days after the conference ended. I decided to book a private room at a hostel, partially because I had work and homework to do and partially because I like to save money. The hotel next door was $219/night and my room was $50/night. It wasn’t perfect, by far but the price was definitely right.

Between my hostel costs, my day trip to Mexico, my entrance fees and my food costs, I spent close to $800 for a week in San Diego (excluding my flight and FinCon ticket). Thanks a lot Canadian dollar.


My income this month was $6,897.95, mostly from freelance work. I budget to earn $3,000 every month so although ended the month 50% over-budget, I earned over 100% more than I expected.

September income


Le Monsieur made two mortgage pre-payments this month, one of $3,000 from his August savings and another of $5,600 from a trust account (his rental property income is held in a trust and paid out a few times a year). I had to pay my tuition this month so I needed to take a chunk of my savings to pay that. Fortunately, I’m still on track to make a $10,000 pre-payment in December.

With our $8,600 payment this month, our mortgage balance stands at $146,052.39. This means that we’ve paid off 23.13% of our mortgage so far. Not as spectacular as last month but we’re almost ¼ of the way there! Our total interest cost this month was $327.88.

September Mortgage

Although it looks like we’re ahead of schedule, it’s only because Le Monsieur is making payments monthly instead of saving them for a large payment in December. According to our plan, he should be making a $20,000 payment in December, something I don’t think will be feasible since he’s been aggressively putting his cash towards the mortgage rather than into his savings account.


30 Month Mortgage: Month 2 – Ridiculously Overbudget

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