Dealspotr: How I Earn an Extra $100 Browsing the Internet

As you may know, I’ve been a Verified Influencer with Dealspotr for about eight months now. While I haven’t made the kind of money that some users have ($400+ a month!?) I have earned over $200 this year for basically the time I spend browsing the internet while drinking my morning coffee.

#1 deal forum

Since joining, Dealspotr has changed a lot. Not only have point structures been modified so that it’s easier to cash out points but the way users post and browse for deals has changed as well. One of the latest features is called My Feed.

My Feed

I often refer to Dealspotr as Reddit for saving money. If you don’t know anything about Reddit, don’t worry though, Dealstpor is easy to understand.

Before My Feed, deals would be posted in chronological order. If you posted a deal at night or on the weekend it would pretty much disappear by morning. No one would spot (vote) it, no one would comment – you might as well not even post. Even if someone was online in the evening, daily spots are given out in the morning so few people had any spots available to vote with in the evening. It was a big mess.

On top of that, everyone saw every. single. deal. I don’t care about children’s colouring books, just like a single man in California doesn’t care that I posted a coupon from Giant Tiger for women’s dresses.

Now though, My Feed makes everything a lot easier. When you sign up you’re encouraged to select categories of interest. Maybe you’re on Dealspotr to find deals on electronics or on fashion or on travel. Whatever you’re looking for, select that category. Deals with that “tag” will be presented in your My Feed.

You can also follow individual stores and people. Deals posted in these stores and by these people will be presented in My Feed, even if they aren’t tagged as your interest categories. It kind of sucks when you accidentally follow a Mommy Blogger and suddenly your feed is full of diaper deals but hey, you can always unfollow someone and their child-centric deals disappear from your life forever.

Getting Points

I’m sure this is what everyone is reading this – you want to know how to earn points and get paid!

Everywhere you turn there’s a way to earn points. Post a deal, leave a comment, have your comment upvoted, have a deal spotted, have a deal get popular, spot a deal that gets popular, flag a bad deal, etc.

The better you are at spotting deals, either by posting them or finding them and voting for them, the more points you will receive in a day.

Everyday you get a checklist of 3 items to do (post a deal, leave 5 comments, post a printable coupon). If you complete your checklist you get 200 bonus points.

Posting a Deal

Posting deals is easy and fast once you get the hang of it.

Referrals and Redemptions

One of the fastest ways to get points is through referrals. A referral gives you 20% of all points earned throughout the other accounts’ lifetimes. People who sign up with a referral link get an extra 5,000 points straight away – halfway to a gift card!

Amazon gift cards can be redeemed in $10 increments after you’ve accumulated 10,000 points. Some days I’m super speedy and the deals just come to me. On those days I can accumulate 5,000+ points. Other days when I’m feeling blue or am simply not into spotting deals, I only accumulate 1,000 or so points.

Why You Should Join Dealspotr

Canadians have a HUGE advantage over Americans with Dealspotr. Not only are we able to earn an automatic 30% extra on out gift card (go exchange rate!) but there is less competition going after a limited amount of coupons. Take Sears for example. Right now there are 34 deals posted for Sears. Sears Canada has four and they’ll all by me.

This situation reproduces itself across the board with Gap, Old Navy, Yves Rocher and Wal-Mart. Canada-specific stores like WestJet and Indigo are also available for deals and are virtually barren. How many emails do you get a week companies trying to get the word out about their deals? Instead of deleting them, post the deals on Dealspotr while eating breakfast or having coffee to earn points.

Not interested in gift cards as a Canadian? Use them to buy Kindle books from Not only are the retail prices cheaper than in Canada but, hello, free gift cards.

You’re not going to get rich with Dealspotr but it’s a fun way to earn extra money. The company also allows you to post your own referral links so if you post a popular Amazon deal that many people click through, you could earn bonus money that way.

Right now they pay-outs are only available in gift cards but I’ve discussed having an option for cards. Finally, unlike other rewards websites, payouts are fast and correct. I’ve never had an issue getting my gift cards 😀